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Collection of my best non-fishing stories: climbing, cave diving, saving kakapo and kiwi, pioneering aviation and scuba diving for sunken treasures, epic journeys, ultra-running, lichens, avalanches, fire-fighting and more.

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“I can’t remember reading a better fishing book. Couldn’t put it down. The Trout Diaries will surely become a classic. Can’t recommend this book highly enough.”

Rob Sloane, editor of FlyLife magazine

“This is a book about trout fishing in the same way Moby-Dick is a book about whaling. The author has an eye for larger, more elusive quarry: the meaning of rivers, the nature of wild encounter, the relationship of humans to their environment. THE TROUT DIARIES is a trophy catch that will satisfy angler, adventurer and philosopher alike. Readers will respond to Grzelewski’s honesty. This is writing that will affect people and lead to personal growth.”  Kennedy Warne, founding editor of New Zealand Geographic

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SIGNED COPIES of THE TROUT DIARIES are available in our online bookshop here. Worldwide shipping.


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“Derek Grzelewski writes like a dazzling impressionist. Trout Bohemia will make you think that fly fishing was just invented, and that every river is waiting to be explored for the first time.” Marshall Cutchin, MidCurrent

“Trout Bohemia buzzes around the topic of obsessive-compulsive fly-fishing, darting and weaving and so dangerously fascinating that you daren’t look away.” James R. Babb, Gray’s Sporting Journal

“On the road again with dog and fly rod, Derek Grzelewski has gathered another wonderful collection of stories about love, life, rivers and trout. If you liked his Trout Diaries this one is even better.” Rob Sloane, FlyLife

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SIGNED COPIES of THE TROUT BOHEMIA are available in our online bookshop here. Worldwide shipping.


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    we are still playing with the cover design for the Bohemia. Above you see the latest version/concept but it may change … for the better