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PLEASE NOTE: as I am currently spending most of my time travelling overseas this bookshop is unattended by me personally. You can order digital products and services anytime. The physical book orders are fulfilled directly by my NZ publisher.

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What You NEED to Know!


Published in August 2020.

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Fishing with friends, mentors, guides and clients, I have seen the patterns of success and patterns of failure and, having an enquiring mind and passion for learning, I’ve come to discern the difference.

New Zealand has a reputation of having the best fly-fishing for trout in the world — but also some of the hardest and most challenging.

As a professional fly-fishing guide and internationally certified fly casting instructor, Derek Grzelewski shares his expert knowledge and decades of experience learnt from some of New Zealand’s best anglers and guides. All the essential skills needed to improve your fly-fishing ability, including:

  • Selecting the right equipment
  • Styles of fly fishing and the nature of trout
  • Basic, advanced and expert casting techniques
  • Learning to see trout
  • Riverside entomology and what flies to use
  • Where to fish and when
  • Streamcraft and much more

This step-by-step guide will cover everything you NEED to know to become an expert in the art of fly-fishing in New Zealand!

Read the Free first chapter here



Price: $45.00

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The Trout Dreams

The Trout Dreams, by Derek Grzelewski

The final part of THE TROUT TRILOGY is now completed and was published in June 2019.

You can order your own copy by the author here

“In the years since writing his second book, The Trout Bohemia, Derek Grzelewski has returned to guiding, sharing his passion and secrets for fly fishing with enthusiastic anglers from around the world. But his life is about to change when one of those anglers turns out to be ‘a Colorado girl who just loves to fly fish’. They strike up a long-distance relationship, and Jennifer soon flies out to New Zealand to join Derek for a season of fly fishing — an experience that will transform their approach to life and trout fishing forever.

With Jennifer’s fly casting technique best self-described as ‘punk rock’, Derek has his work cut out for him, to rapidly elevate her skills to meet the formidable challenges of fly fishing for large wild trout in New Zealand’s ultra-clear waters.

Join Derek and Jennifer on their angling adventures which take them from the fabled streams of New Zealand’s South Island to the iconic trout rivers of Colorado, USA. Filled with Derek’s wry storytelling, expert advice and guide’s secret tips for fly fishing, The Trout Dreams is a true tale of finding trout and love in New Zealand.”

Read the free first chapter of THE TROUT DREAMS



Price: $45.00

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The Trout Bohemia


“Derek Grzelewski writes like a dazzling impressionist. Trout Bohemia will make you think that fly fishing was just invented, and that every river is waiting to be explored for the first time.” Marshall Cutchin, MidCurrent

“Trout Bohemia buzzes around the topic of obsessive-compulsive fly-fishing, darting and weaving and so dangerously fascinating that you daren’t look away.” James R. Babb, Gray’s Sporting Journal

“On the road again with dog and fly rod, Derek Grzelewski has gathered another wonderful collection of stories about love, life, rivers and trout. If you liked his Trout Diaries this one is even better.” Rob Sloane, FlyLife

“Angling literature at its finest.” North & South

“New Zealand … I love that place, and this book about it. I’m jealous of anyone who lives there, writes this well, and most of all, has this Bohemian trout fishing life there.” Dave Hughes, author, USA





Price: $45.00

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The Trout Diaries

Trout Diaries cover

“Rarely has a book received so much universal praise as Derek Grzelewski’s TROUT DIARIES.” American Angler

“It is the best flyfishing book I have read this year” Jeffrey Prest, Trout Fisherman, UK

“THE TROUT DIARIES is a trophy catch that will satisfy angler, adventurer and philosopher alike.” Kennedy Warne, founding editor New Zealand Geographic

“I can’t remember reading a better fishing book. THE TROUT DIARIES will surely become a classic.” Rob Sloane, editor FLYLIFE

“I’ve read many many outdoor books. hunting fishing rafting, you name it. This book is as or more enjoyable than any I’ve ever opened. He writes very well and gives beautiful analogies of fishing, companions and life and deeper meanings. just fantastic work. Bravo. Bryan,

WHAT A CATCH! A beautiful, perfect journal that would be treasured by book lovers, artists, nature enthusiasts and trout fishers. So outstanding you want to touch it and make the best of it! Allison Huyett,




Price: $45.00

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The Smallest Continent

continent cover 3dTemporarily out of print. You can get an ebook version here


A collection of my stories from travels through New Zealand landscapes. Kaikoura, Banks Peninsula, ceramic arts, Charlie Douglas, West Coast pioneering aviation, Huskies, Mountain Biking, Gold, Catlins, Otago and more. The meaning of New Zealand landscapes and their influence on us.

“The Smallest Continent will make you fall in love with New Zealand even more and give you an itch to get out and breathe it all in.” NZ Booklovers

“Grzelewski (is)  a master of the long form magazine article,” ODT

“A seductive invitation to lace up a pair of boots” Beattie’s Book Blog




Price: $40.00

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Going To Extremes

Going_to_ExtremesTemporarily out of print. You can order an ebook version here

Collection of my best non-fishing stories: climbing, cave diving, saving kakapo and kiwi, pioneering aviation and scuba diving for sunken treasures, epic journeys, ultra-running, lichens, avalanches, fire-fighting and more.


“The book does a great job of hitting on what fascinates explorers … the horrors and the delights of dangerous and challenging environments. The writer is good at taking you into these situations. The stories are all great New Zealand tales that deserve to be told time and time again.” Booksellers NZ

“Beautifully written. I really like this book.” Kim Hill, Radio NZ

“Grzelewski likes to live at the extremes; his passion and respect for the extreme shines through his very evocative writing.” NZ Booklovers




Price: $40.00

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Adventure Writing School 2015

AWS pic

Recorded live at the 2015 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in Wanaka.


Nearly 4 hours of practical how-to information to transform your own writing, how to make your stories stand out, how to captivate your readers and hold their attention. No theory here, but plenty of hard-earned tips from my 20 plus years in the publishing industry.

Read a review here

Additional DescriptionMore Details

So you’ve had your high adventures, survived to tell your tales and now you want to write them up, perhaps for a magazine article, a book or as a film script. Don’t hammer out reams of prose just yet, come to our Adventure Writing Workshop first. “Stories are like jokes: you can ruin a good one by telling it badly,” says the Workshop’s tutor Derek Grzelewski. “We all can write but story-telling requires an entirely different set of skills, and these are universal, regardless of what medium you’re are working with.” Sharpen your writing pen and unleash your creativity in the relaxed informal space of this unique workshop. Learn about narrative structures, suspense and pace, what to tell and what to withhold and when, how to read as a writer, and how to make your stories compelling, satisfying, un-putdownable. Whether you are a never-ever or a published pro you will get a lot out of this time with one of the most experienced adventure writer in the industry. Above all, you will be shown directly how to make your pursuit of creative writing into an adventure itself, a lifelong climb towards excellence where each step is as important as any goal and achievement you bag along the way.


Price: $50.00

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Writing Workshop 2014 audio


2-hour writing seminar recorded live at the 2014 New Zealand Mountain Film Festival in Wanaka.


 ”Stories are like jokes. You can ruin a good one by telling it badly”

The secrets of structures, suspense, engaging the readers and holding their attention. No theories, only solid, hands-on but informal advice from the acclaimed adventure writer. Whether you are writing magazine articles, fiction or non-fiction books, or film scripts, you will benefit from Derek’s universal insights into story telling distilled from 20 years of full-time writing.


Price: $25.00

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Fly Fishing Consultations

If you are coming to fly fishing in New Zealand independently and need information where and when to go, what to do and what NOT to do, I offer personalised consultations and seasonal itineraries. Even the most experienced and accomplished anglers struggle on their first trip to NZ. Our fishing is just so different and refined.

So, save yourself time and hassles, and use expert advice to get you directly to the best trout in the world!

The price is per hour, the total cost will vary depending on amount of information, research and the size of itinerary required



Price: $75.00

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Writing consultations

fountain-penI have nearly 25 years’ experience in magazine and publishing industries and have worked with some of the best and biggest magazines in the world. If you have writing projects of your own and need help and guidance get in touch to save yourself a lot of time, money and potential dead-ends. The road is too hard to walk it alone!

The price is per hour, the total cost will vary depending on amount of information, research and help required




Price: $75.00

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