Listen to my TROUT DIARIES Radio podcast on iTunes, bringing your the best of fly fishing in New Zealand: interviews with top guides, iconic anglers, trout scientists, river conservationists, tips and tricks for what to do and what NOT to do here. I will take you with me on the road – the research trips for my trout books – and show you our diverse regions and how they differ through geography and seasons.

Another reason for these podcasts is to spread the word about conservation of our trout rivers which are under an unprecedented threat from industrial interests. The more anglers know about this the sooner the change in environmental awareness will come about. So please join us, let our voice be heard. The hour is late.

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1. Interview with Derek on Hooked on Flyfishing by Planet FM

2. Interview with Derek on Moldy Chum and Fish Schtick

3. Saving of the Arnold River – revisiting Johnny Groome

4. A chat with Stu Tripney, guide, master caster, fly tier and the punk-rocker of fly fishing

5. Fishing with Ian Cole, one of the most experienced guides in New Zealand. The nature of sight-fishing, what makes NZ fishing different from everywhere else in the world and the riverine etiquette that comes with it. COMING UP IN mid-March



  • Nick Moody

    Interview 2 I enjoyed v much thanks Derek! BTW, the links above are inactive words in Bold.