More on writing dog’s life …

Writing is such a solitary pursuit sometimes you wonder if your work just goes out to disappear into the Great Void. Fortunately, seems not a day passes without emails, messages and comments from the readers around the world. Even better if you get to meet them in person, and find that you share the same passion and spirit for adventures. Sometimes, like Karilyn here, and Mark who took this picture, they turn out to be Airedale people as well.

Thank you all for your generous feedback, kind words and encouragement. They make the writing journey all the more worthwhile.



  • zimmett

    I read many of your emails. Looking at the weather its about 30 degrees. I sure hope where you are at its much nicer.

  • zimmett

    I get your emails on

    Meeting the readers . Keep up the good work, Steve Zimmett

    • DerekGrzelewski

      Thank you Steve, just warming up the engines :-)