Going_to_ExtremesAdventures in Unknown New Zealand

Collection of my best non-fishing stories: climbing, cave diving, saving kakapo and kiwi, pioneering aviation and scuba diving for sunken treasures, epic journeys, ultra-running, lichens, avalanches, fire-fighting and more.

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“The book does a great job of hitting on what fascinates explorers … the horrors and the delights of dangerous and challenging environments. The writer is good at taking you into these situations. The stories are all great New Zealand tales that deserve to be told time and time again.” Booksellers NZ

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“Beautifully written. I really like this book.” Kim Hill, Radio NZ

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“Grzelewski likes to live at the extremes; his passion and respect for the extreme shines through his very evocative writing.” NZ Booklovers

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